Head of the Laboratory - Dr. Sc. (Engineering Sciences) Valeriya Gribova


Professor (Physical & Mathematical Sciences) - 1
Professor (Technical Sciences) - 1
Professor (Medical Sciences) - 1
Ph. D. (Technical Sciences) - 6
Ph. D. (Medical Sciences) - 2
Engineers - 5


The history of the Laboratory started with Artificial Intelligence System Laboratory founded in 1974 by Prof. F. Staros. For more than 30 years the Laboratory was headed by Prof. Alexander S. Kleschev, Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation.

Main research directions

  • Knowledge bases and ontologies: theory, implementation, and estimation;
  • Tools for software development based on artificial intelligence principals: models, methods, implementation;
  • Applied intelligent systems: theory, implementation, experience of use.

Principal results

  • The cloud platform which supports the unified technological principles of the design and implementation of applications and instrumental intelligent cloud services for student learning, the development of scientific research, practical use;
  • The mathematical theory of object domain ontologies;
  • Models of ontologies and knowledge bases for a number of object domains;
  • Ontological programming paradigm;
  • Program complex for inductive formation of medical knowledge bases in the form accepted in the medical literature;
  • Program complex for creation and operation of interactive virtual environments;
  • A production system for parallel programming;
  • Specialized computer knowledge banks on medical diagnostics, program transformation, mathematics.

Key publications

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