Head of the Laboratory -
Corresponding Member of RAS Yu. N. Kulchin


Total - 14
Researchers - 11
Dr. Sc. - 4
PhD - 3

Main Research Directions

  • The development of physical methods of nondestructive investigation of processes in deformable continuous media; principles and means of real-time monitoring of physical fields accompanying them.
  • Dynamic holography in photorefractive crystals and the development of adaptive methods of processing all-fiber interferometer signals on their basis.
  • Correlation methods of processing electronic speckle interferograms.
  • Research into optical properties of natural and artificial nanostructures and into the interaction between laser radiation and nanostructures.


Principal Results

  • Fundamental processes of NLO interactions between dimensionally incoherent light waves in photorefractive crystals have been investigated.
  • A research has been made into the dynamics of changes in the speckle radiation field patterns at the outlet of a one-fiber multimode interferometer.
  • Fundamental and applied research has been made into the development of hardware components of fiber-optic measurement networks for creating "sensitive surfaces".
  • Physical and technological grounds of developing mobile and scalable segment-type fiber-optic measurement network have been elaborated.
  • Methods of dynamic object recognition based on AI technology have been developed.
  • Processes of dynamic scattering of coherent radiation in liquid-phase nanocomposites have been investigated.

Representative Publications

  1. Kulchin, Yu. N. Distributed fiber-optic measurement systems. Moscow, Fismatlit Publishers, 2001, 272 pp.
  2. Kulchin, Yu. N. Adaptive distributed optoelectronic information and measurement systems. UFN, 2003, vol. 173, No.8, pp.894-899.
  3. Kulchin, Yu. N., Romashko, R. V., Shandarov, S. M., Burimov, N. I. et al. Adaptive speckle interferometer on the basis of a photorefractive reflecting-type hologram. Reports to the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics Series, 2005, vol. 69, No.8, pp. 1143-1145.
  4. Kulchin, Yu. N., Panov, A. V., Denisov, I. V., Rybalchenko, N.A. Neural network methods of reconstruction tomography problem solutions. Optical Memory & Neural Networks, vol. 14, No. 1, 2005, pp. 45-58.