Head of the Laboratory -
Dr.Sc. (Engineering Sciences.), Professor A.N. Rozenbaum


Total - 11
Researchers - 8
Dr. Sc. - 2
PhD - 6

Main research directions

  • Prediction of state and residual recourse of the technical systems under the conditions of insufficient initial data
  • Research and investigation into the methods of analysis and prediction of the social systems.
  • Elaboration of the methods and algorithms to analyze biological object states changes under the impact of geophysical fields.
  • Development of the theoretical bases of individual state-based technical systems condition monitoring.
  • Investigation into the new jam-resistant communicational channel.
Principal results
  • General principles to analyze interactions in the system "Biological object - geophysical field" have been elaborated.
  • The problems of social processes modeling on the basis of many-valued logic have been formulated.
  • The problems of forming information base to predict residual resource of vessel equipment have been considered. The algorithms, ensuring validity of results of state prediction of technical objects with low-information prehistory of behavior during operation, have been supposed.
  • The algorithms of minimax processing of initial set of information when solving navigation problems have been developed.

Representative publications

  1. Rozenbaum A.N., Kislova I.I., Shtanko A.N. The methods of transforming vector optimal criteria into the scalar ones when solving the problem of orientation on sea geophysical fields. Transport in Russia. №3, 2005. pp. 124-125.
  2. Anatoly N. Rozenbaum and Andrey I. Deshner. Algorithms for Minimax State Prediction of Technical Systems. Int. Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering. Vol. 12, №4, August 2005. pp.355363.
  3. Rozenbaum A.N., Kislova I.I. Choice of individual model of vessel ageing. Transport in Russia. №3, 2005. P. 150.
  4. Deshner A.I. Spline orientation in minimax filtration to solve the problem of navigation on geophysical fields of World Ocean. Transport in Russia. 2005. Special Issue. P. 136139.