Head of the Laboratory -
Dr. Sc. (Engineering Sciences), Professor V.F. Filaretov,
Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.


Total - 7,
Researchers - 6,
Dr. Sc. - 3,
PhD - 3.

Main research directions

  • Development of the new methods of the synthesis of the adaptive and self-adjusting systems for control by complex multiconnected nonlinear dynamic objects with the unknown and/or substantially variable parameters.
  • Development of control systems by multilink manipulators and by autonomous underwater vehicles for their rapid and precise moving along the complex three-dimensional trajectories under the conditions of complete reciprocal effect boundary with all degrees of mobility (control channels) with the presence of unknown and variable actions from the side of environment.

Underwater vehicle with one vectored thruster

Advantages underwater vehicle proposed:
More small energy consumption during the motion (more small resistance of viscous fluid);
the high speed of moving;
more small noise.

Representative publications

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