Head of the Laboratory -
PhD .(Computer Sciences.), A.I. Alexanin


Total - 15
Researchers - 6
PhD - 2

Main research directions

  • Detection of sea surface temperature.
  • Estimation of circulation parameters of sea surface.
  • Identification of the basic oceanographic objects - eddies, fronts, currents, etc.
  • Information support of research vessels for prompting on oceanic objects.
  • Monitoring of tropical cyclones-typhoons.


Principal results

  • Round the clock the Complex of three separate antennas receives digital information from the meteorological satellites working with frequencies nearby 1.7 GHz and 8 GHz.
  • Daily reception, processing, delivery and archiving of data from polar-orbital satellites NOAA, FY-1D, AQUA/MODIS and geostationary satellites FY-2C, MTSAT-1R is being carried out. (The Archive of the digital satellite information is held since 1993.)
  • Original methods and software for atmospheric correction, cloud filtration, calculation and construction of instant and composite (lasting many days) fields and charts of various geophysical parameters have been developed.

Representative publications

  1. A. I. Alexanin, M. G. Alexanina, and I. I. Gorin. Satellite IR images: from thermal structures to the field of velocities. Remote Sensing, Russia, 2001, No. 2, pp. 7-15.
  2. A. I. Alexanin and M. G. Alexanina. Detection of stable synoptic structures of ocean surface on satellite IR images. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, Vol. 15, No. 2, 2005, pp. 487-489.
  3. D. A. Bolovin. Automatic localization of strip noise on the images received from geostationary satellites with the restoration of damaged information. Remote sensing, Russia, 2006, No. 3, pp. 41-48.