Head of the Laboratory -
Dr. Sc. (Engineering Sciensec.), Professor V.P. Chipulis,
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.


Total - 10,
Researchers - 3,
Dr. Sc. - 1,

Main research directions

  • Monitoring and analysis of operating regimes of heat-and-power engineering objects.
  • Methods and means of diagnosis, prediction and control of heat-and-power engineering objects.
  • Analysis of retrospective information for determining basic dependences between parameters of heat-and-power engineering objects.


Principal results

  • Explotable information analytical systems for monitoring and analyzing operation regimes of heat sources and heat consumers have been developed and introduced.
  • Diagnostic methods for physical and behavioral defects of heat-and-power engineering objects have been developed using retrospective information.
  • Automatized workplaces to perform investigations, technological and financial monitoring of heat-and-power engineering objects, regional analysis of retrospective information have been elaborated.

Representative publications

  1. Chipulis V.P. Leakage diagnosis in the hydraulic circuits. Part 2, A and T. 2000. № 11, pp. 146-154.
  2. Chipulis V.P. Diagnosis of heat systems technical state. A and T. 2000. № 6, p. 146154.
  3. Chipulis V.P. Diagnosis of metrological defects in the problems of heat energy accounting. A and T. 2005. № 11. pp. 166-178.