Head of the Laboratory -
Dr. Sc. (Phys.-Math. Sciences), Professor A.V. Zotov


Total- 19,
Researchers - 12,
Dr. Sc. - 3,
PhD - 5.

Main research directions

  • Investigation of the formation processes of the ordered nanostructures and low-dimensional structures on semiconductor surfaces.
  • Determination of the electrical characteristics and other physical properties of the grown nanostructures.
  • Theoretical simulations of the structure and properties of the nanostructures.


Principal results

  • Using self-assembly processes, ordered arrays of identical-size nanoclusters (magic clusters) were formed.
  • Ordered nanostructures built of beryllium-doped silicon nanotubes were formed.
  • Effect of structural parameters on conductivity of the surface phases formed by metal adsorbates on silicon was determined.

Representative publications

  1. Oura K., Lifshits V. G., Saranin A. A., Zotov A. V., Katayama M. Surface Science. An Introduction. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York (2003) 440 p.
  2. Oura K., Lifshits V. G., Saranin A. A., Zotov A. V., Katayama M. Hydrogen interaction with clean and modified silicon surfaces. Surface Science Reports. 35(1-2), 1-74 (1999).
  3. Saranin A. A., Zotov A. V., Kotlyar V. G., Kasyanova T. V., Utas O. A., Okado H., Katayama M., Oura K. Ordered arrays of Be-encapsulated Si nanotubes on Si(111) surface. Nano Lett. 4(8), 1469-1473 (2004).