Head of the Laboratory -
Dr. Sc. (Math.-Phys. Sciences), Professor V.V. Korobtsov


Researchers - 4,
Dr. Sc. - 1,
PhD - 2.

Main research directions

  • Investigation of growth processes of doped and undoped Si films and the formation of multilayer heterosystems at ultra-high vacuum conditions.
  • Development of Si-MBE for production of new objects and materials for physical investigations and the formation of epitaxial semiconductor structures for elements of micro-, nano-, and optoelectronics.


Principal results

  • Dynamics of the processes of B2O3 flow interaction with Si(111) and Si(001) surfaces was studied, and the limiting stage and the kinetic characteristics of B2O3 decomposition were determined.
  • Effect of selective adsorption of gas components from air atmosphere onto boron-modified Si(111) surface was found and the possibility of its application for synthesis of BN islands on Si(111) surface was determined.

Representative Publications

  1. Korobtsov V.V., Shaporenko A.P., Balashev V.V., Lifshits V.G. RHEED study of Si(111) 3x 3R30-B formation process during B2O3 irradiation on Si(111)7x7 surface. Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures. 7/8, 15-22 (1999).
  2. Korobtsov V.V., Lifshits V.G., Shaporenko A.P., Balashev V.V. Boron Nitride Formation on Highly Boron-Doped Si(111) Surface: AES,EELS and LEED Study. In: Proceeding of International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors, IWN2000 Nagoya, Sept. 24-27, -2000. 256.
  3. Shaporenko A.P., Korobtsov V.V., Balashev V.V. Si growth on the Si(111)-B surface phase depending on the type of surface phase formation and initial boron coverage. SPIE Proceedings. 4086, 112-115 (2000).
  4. Korobtsov V.V., Balashev V.V., Bazarsad Kh. B2O3 decomposition on Si(100) surface. Physics of Low Dimensional Structures, 2, 34-41 (2006).