Head of the Laboratory -
Corresponding Member of RAS A.A. Saranin


Researchers - 8,
Dr. Sc. - 2,
PhD - 6.

Main research directions

  • Investigation of formation processes, structure and properties of submonolayer films (surface phases) of adsorbates on semiconductor surfaces.
  • Investigation of critical phenomena, including phase transitions, in the low-dimensional systems.
  • Design of the techniques for controlling structure and properties of the nanostructures and fabrication of functional elements for semiconductor nanoelectronics.


Principal results

  • Possibility for controlled modification of nanocluster composition and electronic properties (cluster doping) was demonstrated.
  • A number of unknown reversible phase transitions were found in monoatomic films of metals on semiconductor surfaces.
  • Possibility for controlling the structure of surface phases by adding foreign atoms was demonstrated.

Representative publications

  1. Lifshits V. G., Saranin A. A., Zotov A. V. Surface Phases on Silicon. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester (1994) 454 p.
  2. Kotlyar V. G., Zotov A. V., Saranin A. A., Kasyanova T. V., Chukurov E. N., Pisarenko I. V., Lifshits V. G. Doping of magic nanoclusters in submonolayer In/Si(100) system. Phys. Rev. Lett. 91(2), 026104-4 (2003).
  3. Gruznev D. V., Filippov I. N., Olyanich D. A., Chubenko D. N., Kuyanov I. A., Saranin A. A., Zotov A. V., Lifshits V. G. Si(111)- - ?3??3-Au phase modified by In adsorption: stabilization of a homogeneous surface by stress relieving. Phys. Rev. B 73(11), 115335-7 (2006).