Head of the Laboratory -
Dr. Sc. (Engineering Sciences), Professor Oleg V. Abramov,
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.


Total- 7,
Researchers - 5,
Dr. Sc. - 1,
PhD - 2.

Main research directions

  • Reliability control of complex technical systems.
  • Identification, modeling and control of technological processes.


Principal results

  • Basic principles of the operational-parametric approach to reliability-oriented design problem have been formulated.
  • The methods, algorithms and software of optimal parametric synthesis of stochastic systems taking into account variations of the parameters and reliability requirements have been elaborated.
  • Effective parallel and distributed algorithms of multivariate analysis and optimization in the problems of parametric synthesis by reliability criterion have been made.
  • The methods of prediction and control of complex system state have been created.

Representative publications

  1. Abramov O.V. Methods and algorithms for parametric synthesis of stochastic systems // Control Sciences, No 4, 2006, pp.3-8. (In Russian).
  2. Abramov O.V. Reliability-directed computer-aided design system // Reliability: Theory & Applications, No 1, 2006, pp. 35-40.
  3. Abramov O. and Katueva Y. Application of parallel computing techniques for stochastic optimization problems // Proceedings of the 5th Asian Control Conference, Melbourne, 2004, pp. 434-440.
  4. Abramov O.V. and Katueva Y.V. Multivariate analysis and stochastic optimization using parallel processing techniques // Control Sciences, No 4, 2003, pp.11-15. (In Russian).
  5. Bernatsky F.I., Digo G.B. and Digo N.B. Parallel computations in control problems // Control Sciences, No 3, 2003, pp.25-29. (In Russian).