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    Main results...

There are more than 10 developments and designs proposed for practical purposes including

  • Regional satellite monitoring of environment (territory of the Far East of Russia with adjoining seas and north-eastern part of the Pacific Ocean).
  • A new technology to break down metal construction into transportable and suitable for recycling fragments. This technology is applicable for utilization of armament and military equipment (including ammunition). Cost advantage in comparison with the well-known methods is fully 3,5 times larger. Breaking down is performed without cutter in automatic regime. Environmental purity in the zone of metal cutting is provided. Environment is not polluted.
  • Fiber-optic distributed measuring system for remote controlling safety of building use. Topology of measuring network of the designed system provides joining of great number (more than 100) of fiber-optic threshold measuring converters in one distant slotted line. The systems of such type are not produced in the world.
  • Device for safety of bottom system allocation. It is intended to protect the systems located at the bottom or in water column from embezzlement and illegal inspection. The device consists of buoy (one or several) and executive instruction transmitter (one per catcher boat). The buoys of each boat have the unique single code.
  • Intellectual optoelectronic measuring system represents main constructive element of new generation of test complexes to reconstruct the space distribution of various physic fields. Its basic function is remote precision monitoring of the parameters of deflected mode for natural and artificial objects and prevention of illegal penetration at the objects of civil and military purposes (terrorism protection).
  • Fiber-optic measuring converter of absolute aspect angle is intended to measure remotely with high accuracy an absolute angle of inclination of the buildings, construction units of machines and mechanisms, natural objects.
  • Device for electroheating the reservoirs (tank-wagons, tanks, header pipes, and so on) with petroleum products (discharging and transmission of viscous petroleum products in the cold periods). This is environmentally appropriate method, and it makes possible to reduce total power inputs during such types of works in comparison with the present ones.
  • Method and program-technical complex to estimate working capacity of HV equipment of 220-250 kV. It allows estimate the state of HV equipment at the electric substations without putting they out of action. The method gives a possibility to realize certificating of the working equipment, control its characteristics in the course of operation without removal of high voltage, and take appropriate measures in time (preventive repair and replacement). It'll allow essentially reduce probability of accident at the substations.
  • Soft hardware complex for the information-analytic centers of heat-and-power engineering systems of the territories (city, region, krai).
  • Soft hardware complex for measuring conductivity of the surface phases in the low temperature conditions. It was created to study structural and electric phases on the silicon in the conditions of ultrahigh vacuum in the temperature interval from room temperature to temperature of liquid nitrogen.
  • Ultrahigh vacuum technology of creating semiconductor nanostructures on silicon for using in solid-state microelectronics with the purpose to form integral schemes with high density of functional elements.
  • Program complexes for work stations in the different control structures.
  • Program complexes in the different fields of informatics (expert systems, graphics, information retrieval systems and so on).

Since 2005 the Institute takes part in the project "Europe Aid" "Science and Technology Commercialisation" which is funded by the European Commission supporting development of the Russia Federation and CIS. The project is aimed at supporting the design of an Innovation Policy for the Russian Academy of Science and at implementing a series of pilot initiatives testing new ways to make commercialisation of scientific results more successful. The Far Eastern Regional Center for Commercializing Scientific and Engineering Accomplishments (FERCCSEA) has been established on the basis of Institute of Automation and Control Processes in 2005. Now the Center teaches researchers in marketing technologies in S&T field at the expense of Fund "Europe Aid". The advanced specialists will start to introduce the pilot initiatives of the FEB RAS Institutes within the framework of FERCCSEA.

IACP FEB RAS take active part in the Program of Fund "New Eurasia" - "Intellectual Russian Actives and Technologies Commercialisation". As a result Primorky Krai was chosen as a Fund of one out of three Russian pilot region to realize the given Program. FEB RAS, Administration of Primorsky Krai and non-commercial organization "New Eurasia" signed Agreement about Cooperation to solve the problems as follows:

  • assistance of the Fund "New Eurasia" in forming and realizing an effective policy in the field of creation and development of regional infrastructure for supporting small innovation business in Primorsky Krai, first of all, in FEB RAS.
  • determination and distribution of "the best practice" in the field of creation, management and development of the organizations of infrastructure for supporting small innovation business as the elements of regional innovation system.
  • assistance in forming and approbating the models of providing the services to the companies of small innovation business, oriented to their local requirements, by the established organizations of innovation infrastructure.
  • assistance in developing international relations among the organizations for supporting small innovation business and regional partners.

Competitive Center of the Program "Start", promoting the small enterprises on a basis of application of the S&T developments ready to production, has been established within the framework of FEB RAS.

Participation in two programs makes possible to involve the scientific collectives in application of the developments ready to production, and also perform purposeful preparation of the pilot projects, which can be carried to implementation, and train professionally qualified specialists from the FEB RAS Institutes in the field of marketing at the expense of European Fund.