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Department of Optoelectronic Methods of Investigating Gaseous and Condenses Media
Department of Mathematical Modeling ,Mechanics and Nature Events Monitoring
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Department of Surface Physics

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Laboratory of Deformable Solids
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The Department was founded in 2006.
Total number of employees - 25, including 5 Doctors of Sciences and 9 PhDs.

Head of the Department - Corresponding Member of RAS Yu. N. Kulchin

Department structure

Main research directions

Research into basic properties of natural and industrial objects using laser and optical methods and technologies.

The Department includes:

  • Multiple Access Center "Laser Methods of Investigating Condensed Media and Biological Objects and Environmental Monitoring"
  • Scientific and Education Center for "Optoelectronics and Information Technologies" at the Far Eastern National University
  • Chair of "Quantum and Optical Electronics" at the Far Eastern National Technical University
  • Chair of "Laser Physics and Optoelectronics" at Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State University
  • "The International Joint Laboratory of Optoelectronic Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring" of Harbin Technical University and FEB RAS Institute of Automation and Control Processes
  • The Department cooperates with universities in the USA, Finland, France, Japan and China.


The Department was founded in 2006.

Head of the Department - Academician V.A. Levin

Total number of employees - 42
Researchers - 23
Dr. Sc. - 4
PhD - 12

Structure of the Department

Main research directions

  • Mathematical modeling in the problems of the dynamics of atmosphere and ocean, in mechanics, dynamics of living systems and ecology.
  • Monitoring of dynamic objects and phenomena of ocean and atmosphere on the basis of development of technologies of satellite environmental monitoring.
  • Graphic information processing in the field of automation of scientific investigations.

The Department includes

Center of Regional Satellite Environmental Monitoring" of FEB RAS that collaborates with foreign centers and participates in a number of international projects.

The Department

Actively participates in long-term programs with universities and research institutes of Japan and North Korea.


The Department originates from the Laboratory of Technological Processes Optimization which was founded in 1969. The first Head of the Department - D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor V.V. Zdor.
Throughout of Department's lifetime 5 researchers received status Doctor of Sciences and more than 20 researchers received status PhD. 12 monographs and more than 400 articles have been published in the leading scientific journals. Our researchers took part in the most prestige international conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, China, Israel, Finland and other countries.
The works of the Department became laureates of All-Union and republican contests, contests of scientific and applied works of FEB RAS, contests of the works among young scientists.

Head of the Department - D.Sc. (Engineering Sciences), Professor O.V. Abramov

Total number of employees - 18,
Researchers - 13,
Dr. Sc. - 3,
PhD - 8.

Structure of the Department

Main research directions

  • Elaboration of a theory of design, production and operation of the complex technical systems taking into account random parameter variations from their calculated (nominal) values.
  • Making of the basics of decision theory under the conditions of indeterminacy.
  • Development of the methods of adaptive and robust control.
  • Elaboration of algorithmic support and software to solve the problems of high computational complexity on the basis of parallel and distributed calculations technology.


Department was founded in 1991 on the base of Laboratory of Controlled Microstructure Growth supervised by Correspondent Member of RAS V.G. Lifshits. Initially, the Laboratory was a part of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, which was founded in 1974 by professor Ph.G. Staros.

Head of the Department - Correspondent Member of RAS А.А. Saranin

Total number of employees 48
Researchers 33
Dr. Sc. 8
PhD 15

Structure of the Department

Main research directions

  • Physics of submonolayer microstructures on silicon
  • Design of new semiconductor devices and materials based on ultra-high-vacuum technologies

Department serves as a base for

  • Center for joint investigations "Far-Eastern Center for Diagnostics of Solid Surfaces"
  • Scientific-Educational Center "Nanophysics and Nanotechnology" of the Far-Eastern National University, including University Department of Physics and Technology of Materials for Semiconductor Microelectronics (founded in 1989 by Correspondent Member of RAS V.G. Lifshits)
  • Joint Laboratory with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

Department actively participates in the long-term programs and contracts with universities and research institutes of Germany, Hungary, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.