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General information
Main research directions
International relations

IACP FEB RAS has wide international relations taking part in:

  • performing international long-term S&T programs including
    WESTPAC Program "Studying into western part of the Pacific Ocean".
    UNEP Program "Preservation of the environment".
  • realizing bilateral intergovernmental programs and projects such as
    Russian- Hungary Project "Preparation and Investigation of silicon based nanostructures"
  • - performing research within the framework of Contracts and Agreements about cooperation (10-12 pieces per year including works with the Universities and Scientific Centers in Japan, Brazil, North and South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the USA, Finland, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Spain and others).

Annually about 10 researchers within 1-6 months carry out cooperative investigations, and also 20-30 researchers present their reports at the international symposiums, conferences, workshops, meetings and exhibitions. 8-10 foreign delegations representing different universities and companies annually visit the Institute to make acquaintance with the works fulfilled recycling in the Institute with the purpose of concluding the bilateral agreements in future.